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Houston’s Top 3 Areas for Short Term Furnished Housing

There are plenty of reasons why you might need short-term (corporate) housing in the Houston area. Manley Management specializes in providing housing solutions in the Houston area.

Many of our clients require short term furnished housing for 3-12 months, and a few of our clients prefer some of our non-furnished options.

Job relocation, especially in the oil & gas industry, is one of the primary reasons that our clients choose Manley Management (especially when they are on 6-24 month contracts).

We also have a few clients who are just looking for a place to stay during a home remodel that will take more than a few weeks’ time. A few other reasons that you might need a corporate housing solution include:

  • transitional housing for those who have sold their current home, but have yet to purchase a new home;
  • traveling for military or governmental purposes;
  • the need to be near a hospital in Houston for long-term medical care; or
  • because of separation or divorce where one partner will remain in the current home and the other is forced to find alternative housing

Where are the greatest corporate housing needs in Houston?

  1. The Houston Medical Center

 The Houston Medical Center is the ideal place to stay, both for those who are seeking medical care, as well as those who want to be near top stops in Houston, such as Baylor College, Rice University, and the downtown area and museum district.

When you are traveling away from home, especially when it is because of the need of medical care for yourself or a loved one, one of the biggest comforts can be a cozy and welcoming place to retire to at the end of the day. We can help arrange the perfect Houston Medical Center long-term apartment for you.

  1. The Energy Corridor in Houston

Corporate apartments at the Houston Energy Corridor are ideal for those who work in any of the many international companies that call the area home. The district is also conveniently located just north of Interstate 10 and the Westpark Tollway Drive (to the south), as well as acres upon acres of urban park, more than 50 miles’ worth of trails, dozens of restaurants, and more. Some of the finest corporate apartments are available in the energy corridor, including housing at the San Paloma Apartments.

While those who work in the Energy Corridor certainly love the short commute to work, this area is ideal for anyone who is looking for city living combined with tons of outdoor access and natural beauty.

  1. The Houston Galleria Area

The Galleria refers to Houston’s largest shopping center, and is an area of the state that is visited by more than 30 million people each year. In addition to shopping, the area is a mixed-use development, with two hotels, a private health club, a retail complex, and more. The Houston Galleria area is Houston’s second-largest business district, and for those who love fine dining, shopping, sports, and all-things luxury, this is the place to be. For the best corporate housing options in the Galleria area, reserve your suite today.

If you need short term furnished housing in Houston, we’re here to help. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 713-385-286.

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